Permanent Ales

Our permanent ales we have behind the bar. 

Tetley Cask

Tetley’s Cask – 3.7% ABV

A full bodied roasted malt flavour with a hint of caramel. Tetley Cask has a smooth hop character and bitterness derived from English hops.

Timothy Table Landlord

Timothy  Taylor – Landlord – 4.3% ABV

Refreshing reliable, nationally renowned, this full drinking Pale Ale with a complex hoppy aroma stands out in any bar. 

Timothy Taylor Boltmaker

Timothy  Taylor – Boltmaker – 4.0% ABV

A well balanced ale with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma an excellent smooth beer.

Guest Ales

Two different guest ales are sourced each week, one dark and one light.  Some examples of our guest ales are:

Corby Ale 

Corby Ale 3.8% ABV

A good session ale with malt and biscuit notes with a delicate hop aroma and a refreshing citrus hop aftertaste.

Corby Blonde

Corby Blonde 4.2% ABV

A well balanced flavour derived from the finest Maris Otter Malt English aroma hops. A full bodied drink with a pleasant hoppy aftertaste,
Both brewed in Great Corby, Cumbria. 

Corby Noir

Corby Noir

A dark Irish style stout with a thick creamy head. Smooth and full bodied with both dark Belgium chocolate and coffee flavour notes.

Corby Fox

Corby Fox

A full bodied deep reddish brown ale. Brewed with the finest Marris Otter malt and English hops. Smooth with lots of soft fruit flavours.

New Laund Dark

Reedley Hallows – New Laund Dark – 4.4% ABV

A dark stout,  initially a little sweet with a smoky bitter finish.

Old Laund Bitter 

Reedley Hallows – Old Laund Bitter – 3.6% ABV

A good session beer, smooth and creamy with a distinctive hoppy aftertaste.

Tetley's Gold

Tetley’s Gold Cask – 4.1% ABV

A premium refreshing golden ale with a citric and faint herby aroma and a grassy hop and malty flavour. 

Longdendale Lights

Howard Town Brewery – Longdendale Lights – 3.9% ABV

A light easy drinking bitter, made with Pale malt and Pioneer, Cascade and Willamette hops. Beautifully light and extremely refreshing. 

Lancaster Chestnut Red

Lancaster Brewery – Chestnut Red – 4.5% ABV

A spicy and fruity red ale infused with local redcurrants and roasted organic chestnuts, a very popular beer.

Celtic Red

WharfeBank Brewery – Celtic Red – 4.0% ABV

Ruby and Dark Ale.

NOTES: abv = alcohol by volume