Permanent and Guest Ales

Permanent Ales

These are the ales we have on tap all the time, subject to availability of course. A reliable selection, well-liked by our customers.

Reedley Hallows Billet Blond Label

Billet Blonde

4.5% – Reedley Hallows

Its .. a well balanced blonde ale with a spicy finish. 

Timothy Taylors Boltmaker


4.0% – Timothy Taylor’s

A well-balanced, genuine Yorkshire Bitter, with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma.

Westgate Classic Blonde

Classic Blonde

3.9% – Westgate Brewery

A pale straw fruity, light and spicy ale – very popular all year round. Refreshing, brewed with the finest premium cascade hops.

Acorn Barnsley Bitter

Barnsley Bitter

3.8% ABV – Acorn Brewery, Barnsley

A rich chestnut award winning malty ale.

Guest Ales

Beer at its best! Everyone has their personal favourites, you may be a hoppy bitter person, or a smooth creamy person, there is always something new to try.

We like to offer specials and one-off ales from a number of local breweries in Lancashire and Yorkshire for all tastes. These are changed on a weekly basis, so most days you will find a different selection. Below we have some of our more regular ales.

Acorn Old Moor Porter

Old Moor Porter

4.4% – Acorn Brewery

Rich & malty, a creamy dark ale.


Reedley Hallows New Laund Dark

New Laund Dark

4.4% – Reedley Hallows

A dark stout, sweet at first with a smoky bitter finish.

Settle Brewery Epic IPA

Epic IPA

4.4% –  Settle Brewery

A crisp and citrusy IPA

Acorn Blonde Pale Ale

Blonde Pale Ale

4.0% – Acorn Brewery

Beautifully balanced, light & refreshing

Reedley Hallows New Zealand Pale

New Zealand Pale

4.5% – Reedley Hallows

Hints of lemon, lime & a vanilla aftertaste

Masseys Golden Bitter

Golden Bitter

4.1% – Masseys

A superb Golden Ale

Naylors Black and Tan

Black & Tan

4.4% – Naylors Brewery

Smooth, rich, classy & nutty dark ale

Settle Porter Nine Standards

Porter Nine Standards

Settle Brewery – 4.7%

A classic robust Porter, black & creamy with a mix of caramel & coffee

Naylors Lancashire Ale

Lancashire Ale

4.0% – Naylors Brewery

A refreshing, citrusy light ale

Cross Bay The EPA Halo

The EPA Halo

Cross Bay Brewing – 3.6%

A classic English Pale Ale. Spicy marmalade & orange rind aroma. A truly exceptional pint.

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