Worsthorne Brewery

Worsthorne Brewery is a short distance away from the Crooked Billet, providing us with a range of excellent ale brewed to perfection.

Note: abv = alcohol by volume.

Worsthorne Brewery Packhorse Ale


3.7% abv

A pale amber ale, our best selling beer in the Crooked Billet, with a subtle earthy bitterness and a floral and spicy finish

Worsthorne brewery great white

Great White


A single hop blonde, smooth and rounded with slight citrus overtones.

Worsthorne Brewery Red Man

Red Man

4.2% abv

A distinct grapefruit finish, satisfyingly malty makes this a lightly bittered pale amber ale.

Worsthorne Brewery Old Trout

Old Trout

4.5% abv

A deliciously  flavoured red / brown ale, smooth and very drinkable.

Worsthorne Brewery Colliers Clog

Collier’s Clog

5.5% abv

This fairly strong pale ale is lightly bittered with a subtle citrus finish.

Worsthorne Brewery Blackthorne


4.9% abv

This rich dark stout has chocolate, liquorice and vanilla overtones, with a smooth burnt finish and a hint of ripe berries.

Worsthorne Brewery Some Like it Blonde

Some Like it Blonde

3.9% abv

A blend of European and New Zealand hops produces this light blonde very popular beer.

Worsethorne Brewery Palomino


3.9% abv

This light, blonde beer has a smooth rounded bitterness and subtle spicy aftertaste.

See Alison or Paul for further information or please call

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